Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer first started training with TRX @ Yoga-M.A.T.T. in 2011.  After her 1st class, she was hooked.  Jennifer became certified as both a TRX & Barre instructor & has been teaching ever since.
As a 4th grade teacher, Jennifer enjoys coming to Yoga-M.A.T.T. after school to use her teaching skills in a different environment

Jennifer Wagner instructs the following:
  • TRX Cardio Blast
  • A full body TRX workout combined with high intensity cardio exercises. Exercises are focused on duration instead of repetitions to build cardio endurance.   

  • Barre Fit
  • A barre class fusing interval cardio training with the traditional elements of a barre class including strength training, ballet bar techniques and weight bearing exercises.
    This multi level class will focus on building integral core strength needed to perform all functional training movements.  
    Sticky socks are required for this class and are available for purchase at the studio.

  • TRX Body Sculpt 360
  • A circuit style class focused on toning, strengthening and building endurance. TRX Body Sculpt 360 is a fast paced class that combines TRX training with metabolic and plyometric exercises to condition and tone the body through various push, pull, core and cardio exercises.  

  • TRX/Kettlebell -Core
  • This multi level class is a fusion style circuit combining TRX and Kettlebell movements.  Open to all levels with options available to all participant this class will focus on increasing overall strength through core training and stabilizing exercises.  

  • Barre Sculpt
  • A barre class combining weight bearing exercises, strength training and ballet bar techniques to form long, lean muscle groups.
    This multi level class will focus on building integral core strength as well as strength and stability in the pelvic floor region.
    Open to all levels ... sticky socks are required for this class and can be purchased at the studio.