Chelsea Williamson

Chelsea Williamson instructs the following:
  • TRX Core & Cardio Circuit Training
  • An 8 station class alternating between TRX Core exercises and endurance training. Join Chelsea in this challenging class that will offer options for all levels. Build strength, agility and endurance ... be prepared to sweat and move!!!

  • TRX Body Blast
  • A full body TRX workout targeting all major muscle groups. This workout focuses on number of repetitions per exercise. Equal time is spent on upper body, lower body & core to help build lean muscle and core strength.

  • TRX Body Sculpt 360
  • A circuit style class focused on toning, strengthening and building endurance. TRX Body Sculpt 360 is a fast paced class that combines TRX training with metabolic and plyometric exercises to condition and tone the body through various push, pull, core and cardio exercises.  

  • TRX Cardio Blast
  • A full body TRX workout combined with high intensity cardio exercises. Exercises are focused on duration instead of repetitions to build cardio endurance.